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il y a 8 ans par MissSkiller
Dear @AnhVU, thank you so much for this very first question in english :)

Skiller is trying to connect individual professional skills to accelerate projects. The main difference with Quora (which claim is "the best answer to any question") is that in Skiller the crowd recognizes your skills!

So, it's a win-win approach, offering problem solving vs recognition of skills... A mix of open-innovation and sharing economy...
il y a 8 ans par Julien_
Hi AnhVU,

The first difference between Skiller and Quora that comes to my mind is that Skiller is a french website.

It's not only the language, but also the cultural differences between Latin and Anglo-Saxon cultures. Some examples of what you wouldn't handle the same way: legal aspects, communication strategies, market targeting...

Also, french people are well-known for their unwillingness to speak english :)

So perhaps Skiller is a "Quora for french people"?

I also feel like the people here are more friendly than on Quora, but that's just a personal opinion :)
il y a 8 ans par olivierChaillot
Comme te le dis @julienStoeffler : skiller est un "quora" pour français ... donc on y parle, écrit, pense en français !
Comme quoi le français sait être aussi faignant de le roastbeef pour parler une autre langue que la sienne :)
il y a 8 ans par ClementCAHUZAC
Maybe people on Skiller are friendlier because it is a smaller community than Quora, for now. Skiller is also younger, so people are still patient and eager to help each other. Let's just hope Skiller keep it this way :D
il y a 8 ans par Hervemary
@olivierChaillot ha ha ! Excellent ... cela dit, heureusement que tu rajoutes :)
il y a 8 ans par Julien_
@olivierChaillot c'est le plus français de tout Skiller, c'est le seul qui râle ! ;)
il y a 8 ans par olivierChaillot
@JulienStoeffler, sache que dire les choses et les appeler par le nom n'est pas râler ! juste, peut être exercer son savoir faire de poil à gratter et être empêcheur de tourner en rond ... d'autre part, d'un point de vue strictement légal : quand c'est vrai, il n'y a pas diffamation !
il y a 8 ans par Hervemary
Same concept, but different approach.
Regional vs global.
Smaller group of users, so a more "cosy" feel.
Less functionalities but also so less complex.
Friendly first vs "quality of content" first ( no possibility to downrate on skiller)
il y a 8 ans par JoyceMarkoll
Hello @AnhVU,
I don't know about Quora, just to be clear, a point of view just related to a comparision with other social medias, would be that the questions here are asked very freely, no ads, no fence, just one rule is to be observed, the good willingness (as in caring).

Welcome to skiller.fr ! \o/!
il y a 8 ans par EURLLSCONSULTING
No problems with Skiller. We exchange our experiments and try to help the others which have a difficulty in solving
il y a 8 ans par vivianekerboeuf
That is the question !

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