I am about to create an expert community for shared learning, networking and outreach for an international project. It will be a group closed to the public. Looking forward to your experiences and ideas! Thank you!

co creation expert knowledge exchange networking outreach

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il y a 4 ans par Julien_


For me, this isn't specific enough to be appealing.

  • What does this "expert community" look like? Is it a web forum? A group of people joining events? A place where people work together? A mailing list?...
  • Why is it closed to the public? You're advertising it here, so I'm assuming people won't necessarily know each other.
  • How is your community different from any other community? Why do you want to build this in the first place?

Perhaps if you give more details, I'd be able to say whether I'd be interested or not, but this seems too vague to me.

il y a 4 ans par MissSkiller

Very nice question ;)

il y a 4 ans par gfrancoisloyez

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